Pursuing Marketing as a Career

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Jim Neumann

The marketing executives are required to perform multiple duties that may include advertising, managing a company’s market relations, and devising marketing strategies that help in maximizing the profits. It is the part of a marketer’s duty to find out what is in demand in the market and then set a plan accordingly to be executed in a way that after being monitored and evaluated succeeds in meeting that demand effectively.

A person has to fulfil certain pre-requisites before trying his/her luck while opting marketing as a career. Before discussing the formal requirements, one should be made aware of the fact he is ought to travel and meet deadlines according to the client’s plan and demand. So, a lot of stress in meant to come across one’s way while pursuing marketing as a career. For this, he must be very well aware of these practical problems that are meant to confront him. However, al this struggle and stress is worth bearing because the marketers are mostly highly paid.

Jim Neumann

Jim Neumann – President & CEO, OOS Investment, Inc.

The very first formal requirement for becoming a marketer or marketing executive is to have as minimum as a Bachelor’s Degree in the concerned subject.This education requirement can be met very easily as there is a wide range of options available in the relevant field to complete your degree. The many options include courses in accounting, business administration, marketing, finance, mathematics, statistics, and MIS. Plus, to further enhance your profile to stand out among others is to complete an internship gaining the practical exposure and experience too.

Do not target the higher position of an executive to be achieved directly after completing your education requirements. It is a most common practice that people go through a long experience of working as an entry-level marketer before actually getting the executive position. Minimum of 1 to 5 years is required for this purpose.

At times, not only increasing the number of years of experience is enough. One has to study up to master’s level for competing the numerous marketers struggling to reach up to the same target of executive position.

Furthermore, professional certification is always the best way to make your profile become even stronger and better than other candidates struggling in the same field.

Some significant skills that are expected to be owned by a good marketer are of creativity, being analytical, good at making decisions, astounding interpersonal and managerial skills etc.

Summarizing the pre-requisites, one needs to have minimal bachelor’s degree, at least 6 years of working experience in marketing, and a Master level Degree in enhancing the job prospects.

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