Minor Habits Causing Major Loss in Work-Productivity

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Jim Neumann

There are some habits that appear not harmful at all, but they may cause a great loss in the effectiveness of our performance resulting in low productivity.

First, of these habits include getting up late in the morning and trying to get everything done at the very last minute. Even if in this way one can make it to the office on time, it would have very much adverse effects on his overall productivity of that day. And, if it becomes a habit then the personality gets crushed to a limit that getting a positive feedback becomes a dream. So, one should try not to start his day like this and get a bit earlier to give his mind some space to get prepared for the coming day.

Then there comes a usual habit of many people of skipping breakfast. This is not only harmful to the productivity of that day but also for the body as it is low at sugar level and needs proper food intake to become able for performing the many tasks of the day.

Jim Neumann

Jim Neumann – President & CEO, OOS Investment, Inc.

It seems productive while cutting out tasks out of your to-do list and assuming that you are working just fine. However, the reality is that a harder task been avoided to be done later becomes somehow a task been delayed for days, weeks, and even months sometimes. So, utilize that time of the day when you are high on energy and begin with doing the tougher tasks instead of going for the easier ones.

There are emails which are of utmost importance. So, instead of developing a habit of piling up emails unanswered, try to reply to the emails instantly. However, their notifications can be turned off in hours of meetings or some serious work times.

The hours of the day when you are at your workplace or even doing your work elsewhere, try not to check your mobile again and again. Because these numerous social media apps and random browsing are a major distraction and can lessen your productivity by wasting your time.

At times, most of the people do not take their lunch break properly and eat at their tables. As it appears like their time is being saved by doing so, however, by skipping a break like that will result in straining your mind in the later hours of the day.

By staying silent while some person is talking does not prove at all that you are listening too. So, do not let yourself get distracted by any of the thoughts, devices, tasks etc. that keep you even a bit away from listening to the minor or major details of the meeting, dialogue, lecture etc.

Never be that person who is always saying yes to every task assigned to him/her. Because it would not prove your efficiency. Instead, it can result in a situation where you would not be able to do any of the tasks and prove to be a disaster.

Multi-tasking is not a thing for everyone. It can cause delay and stress as well. Thereby, one should stay focused on one task at a time so that all tasks are done one by one without lazy mistakes.

All these trivial things can play a significant role in the level of productivity that one is going to achieve in a day.

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Minor Habits Causing Major Loss in Work-ProductivityunratedJim Neumann2018-02-07 01:48:48There are some habits that appear not harmful at all, but they may cause a great loss in the effectiveness of our performance resulting in low product…

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